5 fun little things about cats, you must know!

Dear shoveling officers, have you ever wondered whether the cat can understand your instructions? Do they talk in dreams like humans do? What is the way they greet each other? Today, I’m going to share with you 5 tips about cats, don’t miss them if you like cats~

1. Cats can understand human language, because some cats can remember their names and even understand words such as eating. Dogs can understand about 80 human languages, and cats have the same level of IQ as dogs. Experts speculate that cats should be able to understand human languages ​​at the same level. For example, if you want to feed the cat to dinner, it will appear when you say the meal is started. If you tell him you are the fellow when you are angry, he will know that “you fellow” means that the owner is angry. Will quickly escape from the crime scene. In addition to his own name, the cat will also remember the names of the family members. When the host and family members call each other by name, the cat will also remember everyone’s name.

2. Cats can talk in dreams just like people. It is said that adult cats sleep more than 14 hours a day, and kittens can sleep more than 20 hours. It takes about three hours to sleep until you can’t wake up no matter how you call it. The rest of the time is in the Rem sleep time zone where only the body is asleep, but the brain is awake. Because the brain is awake, it can dream. At this time, I will talk in dreams. The cat will whine or whine, and sometimes her mouth will move. Maybe you are having a fight or dreaming of eating delicious food~

3. The way cats greet is to kiss their noses. When cats meet their close companions, they will greet each other with their noses. This is the way of greeting between cats. In order to confirm each other’s smell, they will also smell each other’s mouth. the taste of. When the owner extends his index finger, the cat will touch the finger with his nose because of this greeting habit. Cats always reflexively touch objects like cat noses with their noses.

4. Cats can make sounds with high frequency (ultrasound) that humans cannot hear. Usually kittens that are just born will bark like this. When the kitten is separated from the mother cat, the kitten will make a call to inform the mother cat that she is in danger. Ultrasonic calls can be heard clearly by the cat, and the mother cat will immediately detect the situation and help the kitten. Ultrasonic sound is an alarm used by kittens in emergencies! When the cat calls you this way, it means that it treats you as its mother, but you can’t hear the sound. At this time, you just need to love it well~

5. The principle of cat fights: Fighting is a very stamina-consuming thing, and there is a danger of injury. Smart cats don’t fight casually. They will try to avoid unprovoked quarrels. If they find a strange cat, they will pretend not to see them, and then walk away, and they will never meet. However, in the estrus period, male cats will fight for courtship, and cats can usually distinguish the winner from the physical or the momentum during the confrontation phase. If they don’t give in to each other, the howl of battle will sound, but as long as the opponent concedes defeat, they will not attack again. Isn’t it a principle?

Knowing so many interesting little knowledge about cats, do you know your own cats better~ I feel that they can reach new heights in minutes!

Post time: Oct-18-2021