Does the cat know that he is a cat?

The general consensus on the intelligence of cats is that the intelligence of cats is equivalent to that of children aged 2 to 3 years.
Regarding cat’s memories, there are two types:

1. Short-term memory The short-term memory of cats usually only lasts ten seconds to ten minutes. Concretely speaking, it’s like sometimes you suddenly forget what you are going to do

2. Long-term memory Cats can remember some people or places deeply in their minds for years or even their entire lives. There are many stories that can prove this: when the long-lost cat meets the owner again, he can still recognize the owner and be very excited.

If you want a cat to impress the owner, the best memory input time is 2~7 weeks of age. At this time, if the cat’s behavior and social interaction are trained, the cat may not forget it for a lifetime. With age, the brain function of cats is the same as that of humans, it will gradually degenerate, and even suffer from “Alzheimer’s disease.”

Therefore, from the perspective of intellectual memory, “Does the cat know that he is a cat?” This kind of philosophical question, cats have no concept at all. Of course, the above conclusion refers to normal cats.

Mysterious cat

Far from being understandable by our two-legged beasts.
I believe that they have gone beyond the skin, ascended to the realm of the soul.

Post time: Oct-18-2021