How do cats go about competing, which competitions are recommended and would like to learn more about the cattery industry?

To participate in competitions pay attention to the competition posters sent out around the world, meet more participants, sponsors, organisers, associations and so on can be seen. Find the person in charge to sign up according to the posters, or you can find other catteries participating in the competition to sign up jointly to enjoy the group price. There are still many domestic competitions, all associations have them, but at present foreign associations cannot enter, it is recommended to choose domestic associations, because now even if the CFA is running a competition in China, the judges are all national, and the level is not necessarily higher than other domestic associations. Want to understand the cattery industry find a good handler and ask your handler various questions. Because all this knowledge is asked by various catteries buying cats for real money or summed up by dead cats, it is all at great cost. You can find a good parent who is willing to teach you how to raise, breed and race cats. Find a reliable parent cattery and spend more rice to match a breeding group, some good parents will help you match the breeding group and teach you how to do the breeding plan. You will learn about breeding, feeding, nutrition, washing, condition adjustment, etc. Find a good owner who will teach you everything. With good breeding results then you can study how to play the game, without good cats all shady things are useless. Here are MeowSir’s recent competition results – MeowSir mainly competes in CFA competitions, unlike Tica, Fife and other competitions where there are so many prizes, but each prize is more valuable.

Post time: Nov-09-2021