How often should we change the cat litter ?

Don't think that the cat litter is used up and should be replaced! In fact, this idea is very wrong! That's what cats use to defecate. I don't need to tell you if it is dirty. You can imagine how many bacteria there are. Not only is it harmful to cats, but it is also harmful to people! Let me tell you what is the correct way to use it.

The number of times to replace cat litter should first be determined according to the number of cats you have.More cats you own, well then more cat litter you should pour into the litter box. For example, if you only have one cat, my suggestion is to change it once a month. Don't feel bad about that little cat . If there are two, change them every 2-3 weeks and so on.


If the cat litter have been there for too long, it is very easy to form a powder, which will cause the kitten to inhale the into the body when paving the soil, causing respiratory problems. It also carries bacteria. And of course this bacteria can be very harmful to cat or even to human beings. Some serious disease can be caused by this bacteria, like ringworm, and remember, ringworm can both infect cats and people.

It is recommended to do a thorough disinfection every month. Soak the litter box with disinfectant water. Then dry it in the sun. The selection of cat litter should be selected from three aspects: the dust condition of the cat litter, the setting condition, and the odor. If you want to avoid dust, choose tofu cat litter, if you want to hide the smell, choose crystal cat litter.But the cat litter i recommend the most is of course tofu cat litter. Made from the residue of beans, tofu cat litter is absolutely natural and create no dust and no harm to your cats. And when you want to purchase tofu cat litter, be sure to take a look at the formula. Some formula can contain harmful glue which can be toxic to cats. But our Love Pets Utopia cat litter is 100% harmless and our cat-friendly formula is here to help you and your loved cats.

Post time: Jun-19-2021