How Often Should You Change the Cat Litter

Cat litter is used to cover up the cat excretion of cat sand, tofu cat litter has better water absorption. After the cat is excreted, the tofu cat litter is formed quickly. The shovel excrement needs to shovel out the cat litter litter, and then pour the new cat litter according to the cat litter consumption. Generally speaking, you can clean up tofu cat litter once in two weeks. There are many benefits of using tofu cat litter, and what are the benefits next.


  1. tofu cat litter is light and easy to carry


The composition of tofu cat litter is fresh bean curd slag or plant fiber, and the texture is lighter compared to bentonite. This facilitates cat owners and can carry cat litter without spending too much effort, and this advantage is a good thing for small strength or girls. And tofu litter is dissolved in water, that is to say, the cat litter can be shoveled to the toilet, instead of taking a bag to take out of the house for treatment, but the cat owners should be noted that tofu litter can not be poured into the toilet at once, but into the toilet in batches.


  1. tofu cat litter with no dust, good clumping.


Bentonite litter is like the original litter, cats prefer to use bentonite litter, but bentonite litter dust is relatively large, dust will touch with cat hair, dust will also pollute the air environment. Compared with bentonite cat litter, tofu litter particles, small dust, cats will not cough feet after stepping on tofu litter, tofu litter will not be stuffed into the cat claws, cat litter is not easy to take out of the litter basin, the cat owner is easy to clean and sanitary.


  1. 100% safe no worry of digestive problems


Tofu cat litter made of tofu slag as raw materials, some cats like to play in the cat litter, mistakenly eat one or two cats want tofu cat litter, cat owners don’t have to worry too much about the cat will appear emergency gastrointestinal problems, but the cat owners need to note that if the cat continues to eat a lot of litter. Cat is a bad habit to eat cat litter, cat owners see to stop and educate the cat.

There are many advantages of tofu cat litter, such as just preparing a single layer of litter basin, without double litter basin, can also be mixed with other types of cat litter, mixed cat litter can learn from each other to cover up their own shortcomings.

Post time: Jul-26-2021