How to Teach Your Kitty to Use Cat Litter

Be aware of the following steps if want to train you cats to use cat litter


1 You need to prepare a litter box for your cat. If your kitty is around only one months old. Dont buy anything that is too high to be easily crossed by your kitty. Preferably you kitty can easily cross into the litter box without too much effort. When the kitty is around 2 months old, being able to jump will enable the one to hop right into the higher litter box or enclosed cat toilet. When the kitty is around 3 months old, jumping in or out the normal size litter box will not be a problem.


2 Cat litter box better to be put in a clean, well hidden corner with nice ventilation. Cat is nothing like dog, cat likes to excrete at a quiet place with nobody being able to notice it. If your cat is under 2 months old, better not to place the litter box too far away from the carrier, but do not place the litter box near to the food bowl. No cats love to dine nearing to the toilet.


3 When the cat is new to your home. The first thing you need to do is to carry the cat into the litter box and making sure it knows that litter box is where to poop. Make sure to hold the cats little paws and scratch the litter for a little bit, then cat will at least have some clue what is this place for. You can reinforce the cats mind by carry it into the litter box every time after the cat has dined.


4 When the cat is already pooping and peeing everywhere, try not to yell at it or beat it. Otherwise, the cat will be scared of you and it will try to hide its feces at somewhere more concealed like under the bed or back of the sofa. When you find the poop, you can move the poop inside the litter box by using napkin; the cat will notice it and next time it will poop into the litter box.


5 Make sure to use something deodorizing that can erase the smell of the feces, for we all know that cats are neat animal.  For the hygienic matter, change replace the litter box with fresh cat litter every 2 weeks and use sanitizer to completely clean the litter box.

Post time: Aug-02-2021