If the cat litter is not cleaned, there are such consequences

Many cat lovers don’t remember to shovel cat’s feces every day, resulting in a sharp increase in the amount of feces in the litter box. They are replaced only when they become unbearable, or they shovel every day, but they never clean them thoroughly. , As long as there is less, they just simply add new cat litter, this method is not working.

In addition to cleaning up the cat's feces every day. I believe that many friends are changing the litter for cats without too much attention.

In fact, the method of directly adding new cat litter to the original cat litter mentioned above is not advisable in a strict sense, and it will have a certain degree of harm to the health of the cat.

news-2Mainly because: old cat litter, as long as the cat defecates on it, even if we clean it up very carefully, there will still be cat feces residues on it, and these residue also contain a lot of bacteria.

If we have been mixing old cat litter with new cat litter, it is equivalent to cats using bacteria-containing cat litter all the time. Over time, it is bound to affect the cat's health.
Speaking of this, I would like to mention here that many friends have reported that the cat litter smell is very heavy, and even the whole room has very awful smell. In fact, in the final analysis, the main reason is that the cat litter is not completely changed.

As long as we can thoroughly clean the cat litter, and then replace it with new cat litter. The room’s smell will definitely be greatly improved.

Routine thorough cleaning and replacement with new cat litter, usually 3-5 days, just like the previous one. If the place where the cat litter is placed is not sufficiently ventilated, it is best to replace it completely once a day or two. If you are afraid of waste, you can choose a flat-panel cat litter box.

Post time: Jun-19-2021