Something strange about your cat?

My cat will entertain guests! About ten years ago, when I was young, I had only three flowers in my family. My family lives on the first floor, and there is a health clinic behind the building. At that time, the cats were all stocked. Once she went out to play and never came back, but every night I could hear her cry in the bedroom, but I couldn’t find her where. About a week later, the family was desperate and thought they couldn’t find it. A wild cat jumped onto my window sill and called for someone. My dad went out and followed the wild cat. When the wild cat walked a distance, he would look back to see if my dad had followed. Then I took my dad all the way to find the place where my cat was trapped. It was a small rooftop. She jumped down and couldn’t jump up. She was trapped there. When she was thirsty, she drank some snow water. It was still winter) and my dad also saw gnawed buns next to him (according to my dad’s analysis, her wild cat friend ate it for her) and brought her home the day my mom cooked a lot of chicken liver for her Eat, and then in the evening I found that she called the little wild cat to come to the house to eat together. In the next few days I saw the cat jump into my house to eat with her. Not only knows how to ask for help, but also knows how to treat. . I’m afraid it’s not perfect

Post time: Oct-18-2021