What are the most popular types of pet cats?(2)

6. Abyssinian Cat

Preferred colour: Fawn

Origin: Ethiopia (formerly known as “Abyssinia”)

Prevalence of disease: None

The Abyssinian cat is a very individualistic and wild cat, and is one of the most powerful of all cats. The Abyssinian cat is known as the aristocrat of short-haired cats and is one of the most popular short-haired cats in the world, quite popular with cat lovers in North America. However, as the Abyssinian cat does not have a very high breeding rate, it is a very rare and valuable family pet throughout the world. The Abyssinian cat’s personality is very different from its appearance. It is warm and loving, active and good at jumping, and also likes to sunbathe and play in the water. Although active, he does not make too much noise at home and has a soft, pleasant purr, making him an ideal family companion, especially for older people who love to be active.

7. Ragdoll cat

Popular colours: Accent colours

Origin: USA

Susceptibility to disease: Hairball syndrome

Of all the cat breeds, the Ragdoll cat is the most adorable of all. As its name suggests, the Ragdoll cat will trust its owner completely and has a gentle personality. When you hold a Ragdoll cat, it is like holding a child’s Muppet toy and it will lie all relaxed in your arms. Apart from greeting you at the door every day, he will follow you around the house and often ask to lie on your body, even to sleep. It has a gentle nature and gets along well with children, the elderly and other small animals. In short, the Ragdoll is an elegant and gentle breed of cat. The advantage of this personality is that although the Ragdoll cat has a long coat, there are no tangles due to wandering and the cleanliness is greatly improved, and you can simply use a pin comb to help it clean up the dead hair it has shed on a regular basis.

8. Havana Cat

Preferred colour: Brown

Origin: England

Susceptibility to disease: Dermatitis

The Havana cat breed is famous despite its relatively short history, as many people believe that an all-brown cat can protect its owner from bad luck. In short, if you want a smart, easy-to-feed, communicative cat as a friend, the Havanese cat with its sweet chocolate-like appearance and colour is undoubtedly the perfect choice. With a high IQ, the Havanese cat can quickly remember its own name. It loves to communicate and will paw at you or jump in front of its owner like a woof when trying to gain attention. Havanese cats have no special needs, but you need to understand that the sebaceous glands at the root of the cat’s tail are well developed and produce a lot of oily substances, so they can easily get dirty. If it is left unattended, it can develop into dermatitis. So it is important to clean the dirty area well.

9. Snowshoe cat

More popular colours: Seal accent colour

Origin: USA

Susceptibility to disease: obesity

The Snowshoe cat is a cross between a Siamese cat and a bi-coloured American Shorthair cat, bred by the Americans in 1960, so it looks very much like a Siamese cat. The Snowshoe Cat is very clean and happy in the comfort of its home, and enjoys sunbathing on the windowsill on a sunny day. However, because of its heavy weight, it is very important for owners to keep it in good shape during its life. It is best to choose a food that is not too high in calories. Cat food with the right proportion of protein. To maintain the energy needed during exercise, you can choose to provide snowshoe cats with an accompanying food such as canned food. Snack-type rewards are not suitable for snowshoe cats as they will not do what you want them to do just because you have given them a reward. All in all, the Snowshoe is a very individualistic and generous cat. On a regular basis, all you need to do is groom its coat and bathe it regularly to meet all its care needs.

10. Japanese Short-tailed Cat

More popular colours: Tortoiseshell

Country of origin: Japan

Susceptibility to disease: None

The Japanese Short-tailed Cat, known in Japan as the Truncated Cat, is an absolutely popular star in Japan. Many Japanese families feed this cat because it tends to sit with one front paw raised, a pose that is said to represent good luck. The Japanese short-tailed cat is intelligent and gentle by nature. The male cat is stable and generous, while the female cat is elegant and luxurious, making it ideal for family feeding. The last popular tortoiseshell coloured cats are almost always genetically female, so you should choose according to your preference when shopping. Another thing to consider when buying is that the gene for a broken tail is a recessive genetic factor and will not be passed on to kittens unless both parents have short round tails

~PS: The Japanese short-tailed cat is a very auspicious cat in Japan and is also the prototype of the most famous fortune cat.

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