What are the precautions for changing cat litter?

1. Don’t pour the whole bucket of tofu cat litter into the toilet, otherwise, just wait to get the tofu flower
2. Don’t pour the bentonite soiled with feces into the sewer, you will see it again after the fecal master comes home
3. Remember to change the cat litter after shoveling the poop and urine. You can never guess where it will fall with a shake of your hand.
4. If you change your cat litter with a lollipop, congratulations, you will be happy to mention a lollipop that smells like cat shit!
5. Replace the new cat litter package as soon as possible after taking it out, the cat will really scratch the cat litter package
6. It is best to pour the cat litter bucket clean when replacing it. It is really embarrassing for the cat to jump in and soak halfway.
7. Hold your breath, cover your mouth and nose, take the knife up and down, simply and neatly, avoid the aftertaste, and forget it quickly.
8. It seems that the remaining cat feces, the flying dust, the cat hair in one place, nothing has happened.

Post time: Sep-23-2021