What do I need to enter a cat in the competition?

1, CFA, TICA, WCF and other association pedigree certificates must definitely have one.
2、Racing grade is an honour that can only be achieved by the standard of character combined with acquired training and the owner’s efforts together. Those who do not get a ranking are not racing grade.
3. Newborn kittens do not have a racing grade. (Four months before they can compete in the underage category)
4. Honours are earned over time! Parents who win awards, their children may not be racing class.
5. A cat that has achieved the class is the result of the breeder’s hard work and will not be easily given away, and is worth a lot of money. To conclude, the term “competition grade” is more of an “adjective” to describe good quality, rather than a strict assessment standard.

Having said that, let’s move on to the awards.
Here we will take the CFA as an example. In the CFA, cats are divided into four categories for competition.
1. Kitten Kittens from four to eight months old and registered with the CFA.
2. Adult Cats (Championship) Un-neutered adult cats aged eight months or above and registered with the CFA.
3. Spayed and neutered cats (Premiership) Spayed and neutered adult cats aged eight months or above and registered with the CFA.

In the group competition, the judge will give out various colours of prizes. Blue (first place), red (second place) and yellow (third place), which is the first group.

Judging is done according to gender, with males judged together and females in a separate group. After the gender has been judged; the judge will choose the first and second colour group among the males and females already judged according to the same colour (meaning the colour of the cat) and issue black or white strips.

After all the colours of a breed have been judged, the judge will award the first and second place of the breed, with a brown or orange strip.

In the adult cat category, there will be a competition for the promotion title.

Cats that have never competed in an adult cat competition before will be awarded the CH title after four judges have judged them without fail.

All cats in the CH and OPEN categories will need to beat other cats to gain points, with one point for each defeat, and 200 points to advance to the Super Champion title GC.

So a cat must be at least one of the top three in the group. Of course, there will be a corresponding title after you have earned points.

Let’s start with a brief explanation
The CFA titles mean.
CH: Champion
PR: Premier Champion Spayed Cat
GC: Grand Champion Super Champion
GP:Grand Premier Super Champion De-sexed Cat
BW: Breed Winner Breed Champion
RW:Regional Winner
DW:Divisional Winner International Champion
NW:National Winner National Champion
DM: Distinguished Merit

Cats of outstanding quality, but without pedigree certificates, can also enter the competition in the Spayed and Neutered category or the Domestic Cat category, which is for show only and has no results.

Post time: Nov-09-2021