Which kind of cat litter, how to choose, which cost-effective cat litter is recommended, cat litter types and its advantages and disadvantages

You will probably have such a cat at home. Cherry-like mouth small, clever bright eyes flashing lovely light, gently touch its back, it will stretch out small hands to touch your hand. It is a happy thing to have such a fairy cat.
But most of the things in the world are fair, and when you have a lot of happiness, there will be some unhappiness accordingly. And that unhappiness is cat’s poop scooping.
The key to solve all this is to choose the right cat litter, the cat will not go to the toilet and to clean the mess like human would, also will not limit the cat litter to the cat litter box. Therefore, to choose the right cat litter is vital. To cover up the smell of the litter box after the cat going to the toilet, and then to prevent the cat from getting the cat litter out of the litter box.
We should mainly pay attention to the following points in choosing cat litter
1.Be sure to block smell

2. There is no harm and impact on the cat 's body. Some series of harmful substances such as aflatoxin in the cat litter is not only bad to humans but also harmful to the cat' s body.

3. Good deodorant effect. Sometimes the smell can be covered by perfume or other odor, but this is not good, so if the cat litter can deodorize, the smell will go away immediately.

4.Less dust. Some cat litter will create dust that makes a lot of trouble when cleaning the room

types of cat litter:
1. Clay cat litter. This kind of cat litter will be a lot of people’s first choose, low price, large quantity. The Clumping effect is very good and very comfortable to step on. The disadvantage is little deodorant, or can smell, we need to spray perfume to cover up the smell. The amount of dust brought out is also relatively large, not very environmentally friendly. It is very important not to flush this cat litter to the toilet directly.

2. Paper scraps cat litter. This kind of cat litter’s raw materials are paper scraps, so step on the soft, no dust, very environmentally friendly and clean. But the disadvantage is that the litter is easly to be brought out the litter box after the cat goes to the toilet. The deodorization effect is generally not very good.

3.Crystal Cat litter. The raw material of this cat litter is silicone, less dust than the paper scraps cat litter, basically no dust, which can be a happy thing. .But don't throw it in the toilet.
4. wood litter and cat litter. This kind of cat litter is still very cheap, the raw material is wood chips and wood and other similar materials, so very environmental friendly, the dust is not strong, the block deodorization effect is also good, but the disadvantage is that some cats do not like the taste of this wood.

But which cat litter is the best? Stay tuned, and you will be surprised.

Post time: Jul-08-2021