Why Cat Litter Is So Important.

news-1If you keep cats as your pets, you must know that cats are picky animals. They are hard to take care; like waking up in the morning find out that your cat is sitting on your chest hoping that you could clean her litter box. And if they don’t like their litter, hahaha, they will definitely let you know by peeing all over your house.

So ok, that you know cats are picky and cat litter matters to them. But cat litter are just sand right? It is just sand in the box which they pee and poop in right?

Well, actually no. Cats are particular about litter the way humans are about the bathrooms we use. Sometimes if the cat doesn’t like the cat litter, they would rather just pee elsewhere, like on your bed. And more importantly, some bad quality cat litter raises health concerns to cats as well as to people.

And that is why you should carefully choose cat litter for your love cats; texture, odor, size, all this factors actually matter to both you and your cat.

The texture of cat litter is a big issue. If the texture is either too big or too rough; cat will refuse to defecate or urinate on it, and eventually they will turn to something like your bed or clothes.

And some texture of the cat litter can be toxic to cats. According to scientific proof, some cat litter made from bentonite can be harmful if the cat swallowed the litter, and the results can be from stomach disease to death.


Apart from whether it is harmful or not to cats, the ease of use is another big deal especially to the costumers. I guess nobody want to waste half an hour on shoveling or scooping cat litter after a hard day of work. Cat litter must be easy to use, particularly can be tossed into the drainage of our house not causing any congestion.

And therefore i suggest Love Pets Utopia Tofu cat litter, it is made from tofu, this traditional oriental food; since it is made from food, its 100 percents eco-friendly and toxic free both to cats and human. And whats more is that this cat litter is really easy to use. You just need to scoop out the dirty part out of the box and toss them right into the toilet, and there you go, finished.

Post time: Jun-19-2021